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Printed Plastic Cards - News

Plastic card printing is a large, interesting and ever changing industry, and with that in mind we have set up our very own news section to keep you up to date with the latest in plastic card printing. In this area of the site we will be keeping up to date with the latest in plastic card printing and plastic card manufacture as well as sharing our insights into the printed plastic card industry. On top of this we will also use this area to keep our users informed with what's going on at and how this may affect them. We hope you enjoy reading our plastic card printing news!

Plastic Business Cards Promote Your Company

If a picture speaks a thousand words, a card in your customer's pocket speaks those words daily. Make an impression on a colleague, customer or client with plastic printed business cards. These cards offer sleek design, durability and style. No longer do you have to settle for a plain white paper card that will simply get lost in the shuffle. Get a plastic business card and watch your brand get the recognition it deserves.

In a stack of white, cookie-cutter business cards, your card will stand out. This will be an added benefit if you are applying for a job, looking to gain new customers or make new business connections. These cards are a great addition to your marketing line, and they are especially useful for people in creative fields. If you are a graphic designer, a plastic, custom-designed business card shows customers that you have an eye for design. After all, most people are not going to trust an artist with a plain, boring business card.

Order these custom plastic business cards in any quantity you need. Whether you need a short run of a few cards or enough cards for a conference or trade show, our company can handle your printing needs. Add in accessories such as card holders and sleeves to keep your cards organized. Express your creativity with plastic business cards.

Fundraising Cards for Your Sports Team

For an easy way to raise funds for your sports team, consider fundraising cards. These small cards will feature your team's schedule on one side, while allowing you to use the other side to sell ads for local businesses. These ads will bring in extra revenue to your team while giving the businesses an added profit boost.

Selling your fundraising cards is easy. Simply canvass local businesses and offer them a space on your team schedule card for a set price. The businesses will have the benefit of being able to advertise to all of the spectators, coaches, players and staff at your sporting event. Add on coupons for a percentage off of a meal, discounted car repair or pet grooming services. These fundraising cards are easy to sell and can bring in lots of money for your sports team.

Getting your fundraising cards is a simple process that you can complete online. When you are done selling space on your plastic cards, upload the graphics for your card to our site for easy ordering. We will take care of the rest. You will have your cards in hand quickly and can distribute them on game day. Raising funds for your team has never been easier with plastic fundraising cards.

Order your fundraising cards today and see how much money you can raise for your team.

Gift Cards are Profit Magnets for Your Business

Gift cards are one of the most underestimated sources of profit for retail businesses. These tiny plastic cards pack a major punch when it comes to bringing in big bucks for a retailer. Most popular around holidays such as Christmas, these cards offer value year round. By adding gift cards to your company's inventory, you will get a huge bang for your buck.

When you sell a gift card, you are selling the right for the receiver to buy something in your store for the value of the card. That, however, is not the end of your profit. Many customers receive these cards as gifts, and will redeem them even if they have never shopped in your store. While in your store, they will be exposed to your product offerings, marketing and promotions. Most people buy more than the value of their gift card when they redeem them. Take advantage of this by offering gift cards as part of your company inventory.

To get your plastic gift cards, simply order your cards online. Design your card with a photo, your company's logo or web address and get the best card for your money. These inexpensive cards can mean huge profits for your company, and you will enjoy customers that shop with your business again and again. Order your gift cards today.