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Printed Plastic Cards - News

Plastic card printing is a large, interesting and ever changing industry, and with that in mind we have set up our very own news section to keep you up to date with the latest in plastic card printing. In this area of the site we will be keeping up to date with the latest in plastic card printing and plastic card manufacture as well as sharing our insights into the printed plastic card industry. On top of this we will also use this area to keep our users informed with what's going on at and how this may affect them. We hope you enjoy reading our plastic card printing news!

Keeping Customers Loyal With Membership and Loyalty Cards

Membership cards are exploding in popularity as many businesses are using them to entice and retain customers. Membership cards offer special incentives, discounts and privileges to members, encouraging them to remain loyal to the organisation. Some of the most common businesses that use membership cards are fitness centres, spas and salons. Membership cards are not limited to these companies. There are many great uses for membership cards.

If you run a restaurant, membership cards can entice your customers to become regulars at your shop. Start a "sandwich club" that offers a free sandwich for every 10 purchases. Use plastic membership cards at your coffee shop and present your customer with a free cup of coffee as a reward for their loyalty. Customer loyalty cards give your customers a huge incentive to skip your competitors and head straight to your shop.

Getting your new membership cards is simple. First, select the card that fits your need. Most membership cards come with a standard barcode that can be easily scanned. Choose your card colours and design. Upload your own images or allow our art department to assist you with a custom design. Finally, decide what add-ons you will need. Add on features like punched holes, slots or key fobs.

Printing membership cards pays off when it comes to customer loyalty. Order your membership cards today.

Creating Teams to Manage Your Next Event

It is important to take adequate safety measures when planning a large event. From managing a staff to planning for emergencies, the logistics of event planning are numerous. Simplify your event security duties by organising your staff and creating teams to ensure the safe running of your event.

Team Security

This team is the eyes and ears of your event. They will ensure that only authorised persons are present at the event. They are also in charge of handling emergencies that compromise the safety of your guests. Distribute plastic printed cards to each member of your security team. These cards should include a name, picture and other identifying data. You can also program these cards with a barcode or magnetic strip for more secure access.

Team Safety

This team will ensure a safe event. The safety team will make sure fire codes are being met and that there are emergency exits available for all attendees. Outfit team safety with neon yellow or orange coloured lanyards. Order plastic printed identification cards that will let attendees know that these people are available to help. Clearly mark the location of all safety team and first aid stations.

Coordinate all of your teams by issuing a universal plastic ID card badge that will identify them as essential staff. By organising your event teams, you will ensure a safe and enjoyable event for all.

Stock Printed Keycards Make for Memorable Hotel Stays

Your hotel key cards are more than just tools to get your guests into their rooms. These cards can be used to include a special message to your guests. Creating generic printed hotel key cards is a great way to make a lasting impression on your guests.


Make your guests feel special with specially printed wedding key cards. Order a batch of these cards to distribute to guests that are visiting your hotel as part of a wedding party. Order your cards with a picture of a wedding cake or wedding bells for a special touch. While your guests may want to keep these as a souvenir, reducing your ability to reuse them, they will serve as a reminder of their hotel experience. Your wedding key cards will then turn into a valuable advertising tool.


If your hotel is located near a convention or meeting centre, print your cards with a map of the centre on the back. This will make it easier for your guests to find the right rooms for their conference. Add a a link to your website and create an instant marketing tool that will create brand loyalty. These cards are low cost and easy to order, and make a great complement to your regular cards.

Stand out with stock printed hotel key cards that will make your guest's stay memorable.