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Printed Plastic Cards - News

Plastic card printing is a large, interesting and ever changing industry, and with that in mind we have set up our very own news section to keep you up to date with the latest in plastic card printing. In this area of the site we will be keeping up to date with the latest in plastic card printing and plastic card manufacture as well as sharing our insights into the printed plastic card industry. On top of this we will also use this area to keep our users informed with what's going on at and how this may affect them. We hope you enjoy reading our plastic card printing news!

Spice Up Your Business with Plastic Membership Cards

Every business owner understands that it's important to keep their image lively and fresh. Whether it's through promotions or discounts, maintaining exposure is always key to success in the business world. However, there is one great way that a business can promote itself through it's members -- high-quality plastic business cards and membership cards.

While there are many businesses that utilize the placement of business cards in other businesses and membership cards for those that wish to get the most out of the money that they spend, there are few who take the time to properly develop a professional card that will have the owner wanting to show it off to their friends. By designing a plastic business card and membership card, you will show the world that you are serious about your products or services. gives you the ability to quickly and easily pick from a variety of choices in card type and design. You are also fully capable of uploading a graphic or printing on the front and the back of the cards permitting they follow the design template available on the website. Created entirely from PVC and thick enough to feel sturdy without being heavy, the high-quality membership and business cards that will arrive at your doorstep will impress like no other card you've had before.

Delivering Powerful Presentations that Move Audiences

As a public speaker, you have a gift. You have the power to engage, inspire and motivate your audience to make change in their lives. Delivering a speech or presentation that gets results is not easy. By making your presentations engaging, you can leave your audience feeling that they gained valuable information from your speech.

Audience Materials

Some speakers distribute handouts to their audience members during a speech. While this can deliver valuable information, it can also be a distraction to both the speaker and other attendees. Plastic printed cards are the answer. Print cards with short pieces of information about your topic. This will allow your audience to follow along without shuffling papers, turning pages or mixing up your handouts.

Print your cards with three or more bullet points or brief summaries about each topic. Not only will this help your audience during your speech, they will have something tangible to take away after your presentation. Don't forget to give them a way to contact you after the presentation. Plastic printed business cards are an excellent way to keep your name and your message in their pockets long after you have finished speaking.

Your audience wants to hear what you have to say. Give them a message they won't forget with plastic printed handout cards. Order your cards today.

How to Save Money in Your Small Business

Most companies are looking for any way possible to save money. There are many ways to cut costs in your small business. You don't have to sacrifice quality to slash your budget. By following a few simple tips, you can start saving money in your small business immediately.

Save on Printing Costs

If your company prints loyalty cards, membership cards or plastic event tickets, there are many ways to save on your small business printing costs. Order your cards in bulk and save on the cost of setup fees and shipping. Print on the front and back of your cards to economise the space used on your cards. Add additional elements such as logos, photos and slogans to your cards and use them for multiple purposes.

Give Your Customers Value

Save money in your business by offering your customers a unique value that will have them coming to your location again and again. Loyalty cards that give the customers savings from your company will encourage repeat business and save on your marketing costs. No longer will you have to pay for expensive newspapers advertisements or radio commercials. With loyalty cards, you can easily market to your customers and give them incentives to shop with you.

Saving money in your small business with plastic printed cards is easy. Order your UK printed cards today.