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Benefits of Membership Cards

Attract new customers and retain old ones with membership cards for your business. These small cards will encourage your members to return again and again, and will give you invaluable data on your members. You can print these cards quickly and easily, giving you more time to focus on your business.

Important Member Data

Plastic membership cards provide you with important data on your clients that will help you in your sales and marketing efforts. This information includes demographic data like age, gender, household income and family size. It can also include information like what time of day they are most likely to use your club, how long they remain in the club and how frequently they visit. You can use this information to tailor advertising directly to their needs. Encode your membership cards with a bar code or magnetic strip and you will get instant information on your client.

Dual Purpose Usage

Not only do your plastic membership cards give you a wealth of information on your customer, they also serve as free advertising for your business. These small cards can be attached to a keychain or lanyard, making it easily seen by potential customers. This is an excellent way to both retain your customer and gain new ones.

Enjoy a sales and marketing powerhouse when you use membership cards to advertise your business and manage your customers.