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The Benefits of Mifare Cards

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Contactless technology isn’t just becoming better; it’s becoming smart. With the wave of a hand, you can pay for your shopping, ride the bus, and sign in at your local gym, and all without touching a card reader or keypad. And with so many easy applications, contactless cards are a simple, secure and practical way to save time.

And when it comes to contactless cards, Mifare technology is leading the way.

What is Mifare?

Mifare is a groundbreaking contactless technology pioneered by electronics giants Phillips. Powered by tiny internal antenna, the Mifare card responds to the magnetic filed generated by the card reader, allowing you to perform simple transactions without needing to insert your card or key in a pin number. This type of contactless technology is perfectly suited to low value transactions, public transport ticketing, security identification, loyalty cards and more.

Secure, reliable and affordable, Mifare technology has already proven extremely popular for a variety of businesses and a range of applications.

Here are the technical facts you need to know about Mifare:

• Mifare complies full with the industry standard for contactless smart cards (ISO14443A)
• Mifare technology operates on a frequency of 13.56 MHz.
• The read range (the distance you need to be from the card reader) is between 0-10cm.
• Standard Mifare card dimensions are 85.7mm x 54.0mm x 0.8mm, although other sizes are available
• The data capacity of a standard Mifare card is 1K. This is split in to 16 sectors each containing 4 blocks of 16 bytes. Other capacities are available

But is it Safe?

Mifare cards aren’t just practical; they are also secure. By using advanced encryption, Mifare technology protects your money and personal details from theft and fraud. The radio transmissions sent between your Mifare card and the card reader are encrypted to prevent interception and decoding, and each sector of the card can be coded with 48 bit keys for read and write access. In simple terms, this allows the card to safely perform multiple functions from a range of vendors simultaneously. These bit keys also protect the data contained within each sector, and you can tailor the level of encryption on the card.

Why Choose Mifare?

With other contactless card systems out there, why choose Mifare? Here are just a few reasons why Mifare is perfect for you and your business:

It’s Contactless
The biggest benefit of the Mifare card is that it’s contactless. This means the end of swiping and inserting. No longer will you experience that horrible sinking feeling when you realise that you’ve left your card in the card reader, on the till, or sticking out of the cashpoint. With a wave of your wallet, your transaction is complete and your Mifare card has never left your hand.

It’s Versatile
Mifare technology is extremely versatile and ideal for a variety of applications. It can be used in bank and credit cards for quick, contactless payment; it makes pay as you go rail and bus travel easy; your employees can use it to sign in and out of work securely; and it’s great for loyalty and membership cards.

It’s Secure
The information on your Mifare card is protected by the most advanced and secure encryption. In the unfortunate event that your card is lost or stolen, anyone trying to access this information or copy your card is going to find themselves out of luck.

It Lasts Longer
Contactless technology means less wear and tear. Without the constant swiping and inserting, your card will stay as good as new. And with sealed card readers, the likelihood of damage or malfunction is greatly reduced.

It’s Unique
Each Mifare card is unique. It has it’s own serial number, meaning that there’s no way for your card to be mistaken for someone else’s. In the event of loss of theft, it is easy to track any misuse.

It’s Waterproof
If your workplace is open to the elements, Mifare technology is ideal. Both card and card reader are sealed, meaning that the technology contained within is protected from water, dust and damage.

It’s Not Just for Cards
And the great thing about Mifare technology is that it’s so small, it can be embedded in a range of items, including cards, ID passes, key fobs and more.

Benefits Mifare Cards